Green Up Day 2020 Results

This year’s Green Up Day effort was significantly different than past years due to the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lengthy time frame when people were asked to remain at home, the closure of businesses, and the lack of visitors from out-of-state, created a situation where less roadside trash was evident. Also, a significantly smaller number of people participated in the clean-up. Most were individuals or families and not groups or organizations as in the past.

In spite of the difficult situation that was created by COVID-19, the total tonnage of trash picked up in both communities was 0.32 tons and approximately 30 tires. This compares to 4.78 tons picked up in 2019.

In an effort to create more interest, residents who brought their Green Up bags to either the Village drop-off or the Town Highway Garage were signed up for a $10 restaurant gift certificate for participating. A total of sixteen residents took advantage of this offer. Four local restaurants were chosen at random to match up with the four restaurants. The restaurants chosen were Martones, Vespas, Hoagies, and Joyce’s Noodle House. Thank you letters were sent with the gift cards to the sixteen who participated.

Some residents chose to leave their bags along the roadside and their effort is appreciated as well. 

Additional Information

The accumulation of trash along the roadsides and in streams is an ongoing problem and everyone needs to do their part. It is especially important to keep waste material, including pet waste, out of our waterways. Information on what you can do as an individual during the rest of the year can be found at Rethink Runoff, a website dedicated to cleaning stormwater in Chittenden County.

During the year, if a resident is aware of a particular non-residential site that needs clean-up, please contact either the Town Public Works Department at 802-878-1344 or the Village Public Works Department at 802-878-6944.


  • Green-Up Day Coordinators
  • Recreation Departments
  • Town and Village Public Works