Vacation Camps - EJRP

2020-2021 EJRP Vacation Camps

At EJRP's Vacation Camp, your child's day will be filled with fun and engaging activities with caring and positive role models. We will provide a wide variety of experiences that will be sure to make your child happy (and exhausted) during school vacations. Campers will also go on field trips each day to new and exciting locations all over Vermont. An afternoon snack is provided. Participants should bring a morning snack and their own lunch. Financial assistance is available to qualified families through Child Care Resource at 863-3367. Our location will rotate over the course of the year so please pay close attention when registering.

Registration Info- Registration will be open beginning Wednesday, October 21 and can be done online, over the phone, or in person (service window hours 10:00-2:00). Payment for 11/3 is due at the time of registration for anyone participating in that day. 

Who: K-6  EWSD students

Dates: Most school vacations- see attached chart for complete list and location based on your child’s grade and school.

Time: 7:30am-6:00pm

Cost: $43.50 per day

K-3rd Grade Summit and Hiawatha 

Dates Location
11/3 Fleming
11/23 Fleming
11/24 Fleming
11/25 Fleming
12/23 Fleming
12/28 Fleming
12/29 Fleming
12/30 Fleming
12/31 Fleming
1/18 Summit
2/22 Summit
2/23 Summit
2/24 Summit
2/25 Summit
2/26 Summit
3/19 Hiawatha
4/19 Hiawatha
4/20 Hiawatha
4/21 Hiawatha
4/22 Hiawatha
4/23 Hiawatha

*Subsidy certificates should be made for Village Kids at (location)*

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K-2nd Grade Essex Elementary

Dates Location
11/3 Essex Elementary
11/23 Essex Elementary
11/24 Essex Elementary
11/25 Essex Elementary
12/23 Essex Elementary
12/28 Essex Elementary
12/29 Essex Elementary
12/30 Essex Elementary
12/31 Essex Elementary
1/18 Essex Elementary
2/22 Essex Elementary
2/23 Essex Elementary
2/24 Essex Elementary
2/25 Essex Elementary
2/26 Essex Elementary
3/19 Essex Elementary
4/19 Essex Elementary
4/20 Essex Elementary
4/21 Essex Elementary
4/22 Essex Elementary
4/23 Essex Elementary

*Subsidy certificates should be made for Village Kids at Summit*

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4th-6th Grade Fleming and ADL

Dates Location
11/3 Maple Street Park
11/23 Maple Street Park
11/24 Maple Street Park
11/25 Maple Street Park
12/23 Maple Street Park
12/28 Maple Street Park
12/29 Maple Street Park
12/30 Maple Street Park
12/31 Maple Street Park
1/18 Maple Street Park
2/22 Maple Street Park
2/23 Maple Street Park
2/24 Maple Street Park
2/25 Maple Street Park
2/26 Maple Street Park
3/19 Maple Street Park
4/19 Maple Street Park
4/20 Maple Street Park
4/21 Maple Street Park
4/22 Maple Street Park
4/23 Maple Street Park

*Subsidy certificates should be made for Camp Maple Street*

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3rd-6th Grade Founders and EMS

Dates Location
11/3 Founders
11/23 Founders
11/24 Founders
11/25 Founders
12/23 Founders
12/28 Founders
12/29 Founders
12/30 Founders
12/31 Founders
1/18 Founders
2/22 Founders
2/23 Founders
2/24 Founders
2/25 Founders
2/26 Founders
3/19 Founders
4/19 Founders
4/20 Founders
4/21 Founders
4/22 Founders
4/23 Founders

*Subsidy certificates should be made for Village Kids at Summit*

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K-6th Grade Westford

Dates Location
11/3 Westford
11/23 Westford
11/24 Westford
11/25 Westford
12/23 Westford
12/28 Westford
12/29 Westford
12/30 Westford
12/31 Westford
1/18 Westford
2/22 Westford
2/23 Westford
2/24 Westford
2/25 Westford
2/26 Westford
3/19 Westford
4/19 Westford
4/20 Westford
4/21 Westford
4/22 Westford
4/23 Westford

*Subsidy certificates should be made for Village Kids at Summit*

**Location subject to change to Essex Elementary or Founders depending on enrollment. Families will be notified 3 weeks in advance**

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Billing Policy: Families may sign up for as many vacation camp days as they need as soon as enrollment opens. Payment for vacation camps is due no later than three weeks before the first day of a week-long camp or single-day camp. There will be an email reminder 1 week before payment is dueIf payment is not received, your child will lose their spot.  If you register for a vacation camp within the three week period, full payment is required at the time of registration.

*For families that receive Childcare Financial Assistance (State Subsidy): Families may register for as many days as needed with no upfront charge. The vacation camp co-pay will be calculated within 2 weeks of the conclusion of a vacation camp and is due within two weeks after that.  A subsidy certificate must be received three weeks before a vacation camp begins to hold a spot in the camp. Please make sure to note the location of the needed certificate when contacting Childcare Resource. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Refunds will be issued for Vacation Camps provided EJRP is notified three weeks prior to the day(s) enrolled that you are looking to cancel. If less than three weeks notice is provided, a refund will only be provided if ALL of the following are true: A) the program is full and your cancellation opens up a spot was not previously available, B) there is an existing waitlist, and C) EJRP is able to offer, and another family accepts the open spot in the program bringing it back to capacity. A $5 administrative fee will be assessed for each day that is canceled.This fee is not covered by Childcare Resource.

Daily Schedule: Vacation camps are full of exciting enrichment opportunities, outdoor play, field trips (virtual and hopefully some real-time) and more! A detailed newsletter and daily schedule will be sent to families at  least 3  weeks prior to the start of camp. This will include all  relevant contact information, location, etc.